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GOG launches Early Access Games with 14-day refund policy

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The download platform GOG has embellished its applicant offering now access to games under development. This Early Access proves more refined than on Steam, as it is a question of a selection of promising titles and a more comfortable refund policy.


For some time, the download platform Steam offers players access to the games being developed through Early Access. However, the Valve service does not specially made sorting in games that opt ​​for this distribution format, arising out of tenders not always very rewarding.

For its part, GOG has launched a similar offering that allows paying for the game at a reduced price and access to its content ahead in development.

The service said in an official ticket, “Please note that only the games that we are ready to support one hundred percent will be available.” This confirms that a sort for games on early access will first be carried out, so as not to provide a wealth of unpromising games before their release.

To be honest with the players, GOG offers an unconditional refund policy: it will be possible to make this request within 14 days after purchasing the game in development, “no questions asked”.

Best of all, the games in development will be compatible under with the Galaxy GOG service, including monitoring for updates. Specifically, it is possible to revert to an earlier version of a game by uninstalling a patch, which can be useful if an update has problem regarding to the proper functioning of game.

Coupled with this proposal maintaining the games without DRM, GOG proposes once again offers with beautiful example adapted to players.