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GOG Galaxy 1.1 Update now lets Patch Rollback Option from PC Game

GOG Galaxy service is a popular online gaming platform that lets players to get a lot of DRM free games. This service is now introducing a new update that will let player’s to rollback patches they had added in the game.

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Also called as Good old Games, this service is going to offer a lot of new features in the 1.1 Update. GOG Galaxy 1.1 official patch information and feature is provided here and below:

  1. Rollback – Sometimes game updates break things. The Rollback feature is here, allowing you to restore your game to any earlier version just a single click. Game updates are now not just optional, but also reversible.
  2. New installation options – Control the installation process. You can now view required disk space, select your language, modify the installation path, and more.
  3. Streamlined navigation – Use the Back and Forward buttons across the entire app to easily navigate between your installed games, the store, and the library.
  4. Friend search – Find other users easily using their email address or username, then add them to your friends with just one click.
  5. Better performance – The new update decreases RAM and CPU usage across the board. The app will now launch faster and take advantage of GPU acceleration on Windows, and App Nap support on Mac OS X.
  6. HiDPI support – Enjoy proper HiDPI scaling and a retina-ready UI for exceptionally high resolution displays.
  7. Pause and resume… everything. – You can now pause the installation process or your downloads at any time, without ever losing your progress.
  8. Compact sidebar – See more of your library and the store with a new, compact sidebar. If you prefer the old look, you can always go back.
  9. And more… – Double click launch a game instantly from the side-bar, view available languages and space requirements, accept new invites directly from the friends list, and so much more…

The Rollback Option is one of the important features from GOG. It happens number of times that many new game updates can cause issue with its stability. Players won’t have any chance to revert its changes as this option is not provided in any game client like Steam or Uplay. But in GOG you can simply rollback to the old version of the patch and remove the existing one. Another option that will help players to work more with the game is new installation process. That means you can make changes to the game installation path so that you can avoid overloading your partition.

GOG also has a new Friend Search option through which you can easily search a user through its username. The new update will also offer better output. It has major performance fixes. One more feature this patch will be adding is the pausable game installation process or download and then resume it anytime you want.

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