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GOG Connect adds Steam games to your GOG library for free

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The games distribution platform GOG introduced a new feature called GOG Connect, which allows you to transfer some of your Steam games to your GOG library.

GOG Connect has just announced a particularly stunning novelty on its platform: GOG connect, a service that connects their account of Good Old Games to its Steam account. The goal? Collect some games from the Steam library, locked on GOG, which offers stand alone downloads of DRM-free games that are acquired there.

To use GOG Connect, simply connect the GOG has to your Steam account via the service page. But the latter is currently very popular and may encounter slowdowns, so we must be patient enough to benefit from it.

The advantage: the games are so possessed by double once on Steam and GOG once, not that it will cost more to the user. And the latter can then dispose without having to connect to the Internet on Steam, access to additional bonus content, and can install the games in question on several machines independently.

This offer is interesting for players who want to free more games on Steam. However, it is not open to all games sold on Valve’s platform: only a handful of publishers are currently partners of the approach of GOG. Notably, the list includes Deep Silver, Harebrained Schemes, Number None of Jonathan Blow and TaleWorlds.

For the starting phase of GOG Connect, 20 games purchased on Steam can be added to a GOG account. Among them, there is The Witness, FTL: Faster Than Light, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, Galactic Civilizations 3, Trine Enchanted Edition, Saints Row 2, Shadowrun Returns, EscapeCraft, Unreal Tournament GOTY and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

Caution, however, each game is eligible for a limited time (5 days for most of them). If you would like more information on how the process works, you can consult to this comprehensive FAQ.