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Gods & Monsters Story and Gameplay Information Revealed

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One of the most interesting titles shown by Ubisoft during the Los Angeles event of E3 2019 was certainly Gods & Monsters. The title of the French publisher has indeed convinced the public, thanks above all to a style that is so reminiscent of several chapters of the legendary series of The Legend of Zelda.

However, after the announcement at E3 2019, Ubisoft Quebec’s work was not much known, at least until now. The software house has, in fact, released a long interview where it speaks about many interesting aspects of the highly anticipated title of Gods & Monsters.

The idea of ​​working for this title was studied during the development of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Greek mythology has in fact involved the software house very much, convincing it to work on something completely focused on it.

Obviously, the approach of Gods & Monsters, considering also the style, will be much lighter than the one seen in the last chapter of the famous franchise. To accompany us during the adventure will indeed be Homer, the narrator, who will tell his grandson various legends.

The combat in Gods & Monster will be particularly fast and will force the player to use various types of skills to be able to defeat different types of enemies. Before fighting a cyclops, for example, it will be necessary to blind him. Several magic items will also be available, such as Boots of Hermes.

The main nemesis of the title, as well as one of Zeus’s biggest foes, will be the terrible Typhon. The main character, Fenyx, will also be completely customizable and we will then be allowed to modify its appearance and equipment.

What do you think of all the details revealed by Ubisoft Quebec regarding the highly anticipated title of Gods & Monsters, did they convince you more about the game? Will you immediately give the title a chance or will you wait to learn something more? Tell us in the comments below.