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New God of War Could Have Stories of Egyptian Or Mayan Era, Combat Details Revealed

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The expectation for the next release of God of War increases more and more and it seems that soon we could have the title in our hands and live the new adventure of Kratos in the company of his son, Atreus. We tell you this because GameInformer revealed important details about the game and there is a lot of interesting information.

The next issue of the GameInformer print edition, due out in February, is dedicated to God of War, however, users with subscription received the digital version ahead of time and one of them did not take long to publish the present information of the new title.

Initially, the magazine mentions that the game is still considered as a launch for the beginning of this year, but in the interviews with the developers, no debut date was revealed. Now, in a question of what matters most, the characteristics of the game, it is reported that God of War will have important changes in its combat system and the experience will move away from the previous titles since everything revolves around a basic idea: Kratos is vulnerable and his attitude will not be that of a Spartan capable of killing gods.

The combat system in God of War will prioritize the confrontation with enemies, that is, we will not fight with large groups and hordes because we will have to analyze the level and armament of Kratos at that moment and the sensitivity of the enemies to a certain type of attacks and weapons.

The scenario will be vital to come out with the victory of the battle and, according to the information, there will be different ways to complete each level. On the other hand, it is important to mention that there will be no jump button and the fights will allow defense and counterattack movements known as “parry”, an action that will involve the use of a shield.

In terms of combat as a whole, Atreus will be an extension of Kratos’s attack options and his movements will be assigned to the box button. While we do not need the son of Kratos, he will perform remote attacks to cause damage to enemies and once their standard of living reaches low levels we can eliminate them with a final movement.

The development system will also be present in God of War and both Kratos and Atreus will be able to level up in areas such as movements, armor, and weapons. In that sense, Leviathan, Kratos’ ax, will have a series of runes that will have an effect on the type of attack and, although the presence of other weapons was not revealed, the developers assured that Leviathan and the shield will be the stars of the game.

Finally, the creatives behind God of War mentioned that for the development of the new installment of the series they wanted to put aside the mentality of Kratos, focused on revenge and the destruction of the gods, to make way for a character more vulnerable and aware of their actions.

However, this does not imply that Kratos cannot be lost in moments of anger from time to time and fans of the franchise will be happy to know that the Spartan Fury will remain available to enter a special attack period.

One detail that must be paid special attention to is the idea that Cory Barlog, director of the game, has regarding the upcoming games of the series and in that sense, he stated that these could be carried out in zones and contexts of the Mayan culture and Ancient Egypt, like Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed.

God of War will soon arrive on exclusively on PlayStation 4. What do you think about the new elements of God of War? Tell us in the comments below.