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God of War Sells Over 10 Million Copies

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PlayStation and Santa Monica Studio recently celebrated the anniversary of God of War, one of the most successful exclusives of PlayStation 4. Sony revealed late last night enough information about their future plans, but also shared details about their sales at the hardware level and software.

Thanks to this, we already know the updated number of copies sold of God of War. It is worth remembering that the said title debuted in April 2018 and that during its first week available in the market, the title managed to sell more than 3 million units.

Soon after, PlayStation celebrated the 5 million copies sold of the game. Now, we know that God of War has already doubled and surpassed that figure, since it has already sold more than 10 million units worldwide.

This is a great achievement for Santa Monica Studio, as the title has been available in the market for just over 1 year. In its report, PlayStation noted that its exclusives are sold faster and faster, this compared to other games of the same franchises that debuted on the past consoles.

The company presented an image where we see the performance of past games of God of War. Likewise, the acceleration of sales with Uncharted and The Last of Us is exemplified. You can see it below:

God of War Sells Over 10 Million
In this way, God of War reaffirms its place as one of the exclusive titles for PlayStation 4 that has sold faster. In addition, it was one of the exclusive games that performed better last year in digital format.

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To celebrate the anniversary of the game, Santa Monica Studio prepared a documentary called Raising Kratos. In it, we see part of the company share details about the creative process of the title, from its planning to its launch.