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New God of War Podcast Reveals Tons of Details About Weapons and Combat

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Santa Monica and Sony Interactive Entertainment today released a new podcast of God of War. The video does not show gameplay sequences; however, it gives us interesting details about the game’s combat system. For this new adventure, Kratos will have his Leviathan ax, which was forged by the brothers Brok and Sindri.

Also, we have seen the hero carry a shield, which was described as “quick as a flash, but withstanding blows that would tear ordinary defenses asunder. It’s an armament worthy of a true guardian.” On the other hand, Atreus, son of Kratos, will help us in the fight with his bow.

In the new video, Jason McDonald, the gameplay designer, as well as Jeet Shroff, an engineer in the same section, discuss details about Kratos’ combat style. In the new title, the character will still have the brutality of past titles. However, the company and collaboration of its child will change their reasons a little. Now Kratos will not move by anger, but to protect Atreus.

According to the details, the child has more attachment to magical power than to hand-to-hand combat. However, we do not know if he will have any special abilities besides his attacks with the bow. Atreus will protect us and will compensate a little for our visibility. As you will remember, this title has a different camera focus, which limits our action in a certain way. Despite this, the system was worked on so that tracking and killing the enemies is intuitive.

The developers said that the combat system will be just as brutal, but with some important nuances. As already said, Kratos will have other reasons to fight. McDonald claimed that Kratos will have an anger mode and that this change was made to add more RPG mechanics to the game.

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And if that was not enough, the creatives said that this game will be much longer than the previous ones. The battle of God of War this time will be more tactical because we must decide whether to use the ax, physical attacks at short or long distance. However, it is expected that the pace of the matches will be as fast as we know of other games.

According to Cory Barlog, director of the game, the inclusion of the shield is to provide a Viking environment to the title. The developer commented that many doubted about this implementation. However, after several concepts, they decided to add it. On the other hand, the creative said that Atreus will be a fundamental part of the combat system, so we can not leave him aside.

As an extension of Kratos, we can activate the skills of the boy to our liking. However, Barlog said it will be important to do it at the right time to end the most powerful enemies.

In some sequences of the game, we can still interact with certain buttons. For the new game, the controls will no longer be random, but correspond to the actions necessary to progress in the sequences.

During the adventure, we will also have to watch our backs, because the enemies will try to ambush us. Due to the camera, this will add a new level of depth to the fighting. To finish with the rivals, now we can attack them at different points of their body.

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God of War will arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018. Without further ado, we leave you with the podcast below: