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God of War PS4 Gameplay Trailer Revealed at E3 2016

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Sony finally announced the next installment of the God of War series as part of its E3 2016 conference. This new album comes as a kind of reboot of the franchise, abandoning ancient Greece for a Nordic universe.

God of War Screenshot

After a few leaks ahead of E3, Sony confirmed the development of a new episode of God of War during its lecture at the night of E3 2016. Always developed by Santa Monica Studio, this title is infact a reboot of the franchise, always putting the Kratos honoring, but in a decidedly northern environment.

The first gameplay video released by the publisher confirmed some changes in grip. It is now a view in the third person with a handheld camera.

However, the gameplay will always be based on the beat’em up, as Kratos is equipped with an ax but also his fists to explode a few skulls. In addition, special attack using two sticks of the PS4 controller is back.

Also, in the video, Kratos teaches his son – that in previous games was dead – to hunt and survive in the cold world in which they live.

By cons, we will still have to wait to see this new album land on PS4 because Sony has still not given any indication about the release date of this new album, so we’ll probably have to wait until next year before a vague idea of the date on which the game could get out. However, we know that God of War will be exclusive to the PS4.