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God of War PS4 Guide: How To Quickly Earn HackSilver

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God of War has two currencies: XP and HackSilver. However, if the XP can be obtained at the end of almost every single activity, HackSilver can usually be obtained through more specific actions. If you want to know how to get HackSilver quickly, follow us in this guide.

First of all, let’s remember that HackSilver in God of War can be used in a variety of ways. The precious currency will, in fact, be essential to buy equipment, craft armor and enhance items already in our possession. Although the game does a great job in providing the player with the right amount of Silver depending on the player’s progress within the game world and the story (especially if you take care of at least some secondary activity), be aware some methods to accumulate HackSilver faster can undoubtedly become useful in certain situations.

Explore and look around:
The first advice is perhaps the most obvious but, as is often the case, the most fundamental: if you want to find the greatest amount of HackSilver possible, do not neglect exploration. In this sense, the main recommendation is to always observe very carefully the elements of the scenario around you: often you might find yourself in front of a hanging pot, which can be destroyed with the ax, from which the precious HackSilver will fall; or again, careful observation may lead you to see the path to a hidden treasure chest.

In general, remember that some destructible elements of the scenario will guarantee you at least a few pieces of HackSilver; although the quantities may seem small at first, in the long run, they will guarantee you one considerable extra amount of currency.

Remember to collect the loot:
Naturally, the HackSilver obtained following a victory in battle is equally important. Never forget to collect the loot left by the enemies, as the HackSilver dropped by the latter is often of considerable quantities. This recommendation is to be particularly praticed following the boss fight of the game: failing to collect the loot in these cases would preclude the gain of a considerable amount of HackSilver – as well as of course other types of prizes.

Sell the old equipment:
If you find yourself short of HackSilver in God of War or in the immediate need to accumulate a considerable sum, always remember the possibility to sell your old equipment to the blacksmiths (Sindri and Brok); the amount of HackSilver gained from such an operation is decidedly respectable. If you are absolutely sure that you no longer need to use a certain piece of equipment, you can sell it as soon as you get a better option. Moreover, the game will not be too punitive when faced with an afterthought: if you turn back a sold item, you can always reacquire it with a surcharge. Naturally, objects of particular rarity or importance, such as artifacts, will be sold at a considerably higher price.

In general, however, it is good to remember again how the only true requirement to always have the necessary HackSilver is to not rush in the game. If you take your time to explore, collect the loot and complete at least some side quest, you will rarely find it with empty pockets.