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God of War Development Privileges Quality Over Quantity

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The next release of God of War has opened the previous period in which interesting information is revealed that allows us to know what we will find in the game and also serves to feed our hype. That’s why members of the development team spoke about some characteristics of the new adventure of Kratos and the difference that will mark the previous installments of the franchise.

In a podcast made on the official site of God of War, where the process of world development and the art of the game was also discussed, Nate Stephens and Luke Berliner, artists from the game’s environments, talked about some details that we will find in the title and what Kratos will find while advancing.

Initially, the team reported that the protagonist will have many facets in the game, they define it as dimensions, but what is a fact is that we will no longer see the warrior thirsty for revenge that ended with the gods of Olympus; however, this does not mean that Kratos has lost his sense of combat and, in that sense, will not flee or give up space in a fight.

On the other hand, regarding the development of the story, the creatives revealed that we will have to advance through the 9 realms in a specific order, which is very integrated with the story and gives sense to the progress within the game. During the tour, situations of humor will be found, such as an event in which Thor, god of thunder from Norse mythology, loses his hammer and has to pass himself off as the goddess Freya, the goddess of love, to recover it.

Regarding the progress in the scenarios, Stephens and Berliner mentioned that we will find situations that will prevent us from moving forward, which can be riddles, special matches or other things.

In that sense, they referred to a part where Kratos finds himself on a ground with explosive roots and you will have to analyze the environment to find the best path. At the same time, the creatives assured that, although it is not an open world game, there will be freedom to decide which way to go and sometimes it will be possible to explore some areas freely.

Finally, the creatives pointed out that the focus of the development of God of War has always been quality over quantity and the objective of the whole team is that every aspect of the game is spectacular.

God of War will release on April 20 on PS4.