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God of War PS4 Patch 1.17 Available Now, Solves HDR Problems

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After publishing the patch 1.16 yesterday for God of War for PS4, Sony Santa Monica has made available a new update in the last hours: we are talking about the patch 1.17, an update that aims to improve the performance of the game and solve some problems of HDR introduced with the previous patch.

As reported by several users, God of War patch 1.16 would inadvertently introduce some problems with lighting management, compromising the proper functioning of the HDR. With the new patch 1.17 available for download, however, the developers have managed to solve the problem by eliminating the lighting problems as complained by some players.

Beyond this, the 1.17 patch aims to improve in-game performance and solve a series of bugs, with the goal of perfecting the overall gaming experience. As for future updates, remember that God of War should soon receive a new Photo Mode with which you can shoot and customize your screenshots from the adventure.

In another news, did you know that a treasure hidden inside the game has recently been discovered thanks to the Stone Mason Edition map? To do this, Reddit users had to decrypt the Norse runes on the map contained in a special edition of the game. It took a lot of work and the collaboration of many players, but in the end, it was revealed a story related to the two blacksmiths Brok and Sindri, who long ago lost a treasure. The last known position of the latter is however very approximate, and to find it, it is necessary to complete some actions. You can check a video showing this lost treasure at this address.

God of War is available exclusively on PS4.