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God of War PS4 Guide: How To Open Hidden Chambers

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Although we encounter a Hidden Chamber already in the early stages of gameplay, it is not immediately clear how it is possible to open the imposing stone doors. In this guide, we will see how it will be necessary to proceed to unlock the various Hidden Chambers scattered around the world of God of War.

It is important to know, first of all, that in the early hours of God of War there will be no way to access the Hidden Chambers. In short, it will be useless to think or wonder about any missing secondary content, as the essential item for the opening of the Chambers will only be obtained by continuing with the main story. Although the spoiler content is already alerted through the preview, we want to reiterate: if you do not want to know when and how you will be able to access the Hidden Chambers, and especially what are their contents, we advise you not to continue reading from here.

You will easily recognize the Hidden Chambers, as their entrance is blocked by imposing stone gates and from a kind of seal with a reflecting surface.

Unlocking Hidden Chambers:
You will be able to unlock Hidden Chambers only from the beginning of chapter eight of the main story. At the end of the previous chapter, in fact, you will have obtained an indispensable object for the opening of the seals. To use this object and then open the Hidden Chambers, approach the mirror seal: press circle and start moving Kratos’ hand until the controller begins to vibrate. At this point, there will be nothing left but to press R2 to break the glass. Repeat the process until the seal is destroyed.

The content of the Hidden Chambers:
It will be inside the Hidden Rooms that you will find the optional bosses of the game: the Valkyries. As the latter will be able to offer you a challenge worthy of the name, we advise you to address them not before reaching level 6. Although the level of challenge offered by the Valkyries is indeed high, the rewards you will receive as a result of their defeat will undoubtedly prove deserving of the time and the sweat spent.

Beyond the Valkyries, however, each Hidden Chamber offers many activities and loot to discover. As for the end-game activities, they are definitely a content that is worth exploring to the full.