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God Of War Game Director Confirms The Game Will Not Have Microtransactions

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Micro-transactions is looked like an enemy for Video Games now due to recent controversies. It has led to a massive outrage that has not only spoiled the reputation of Developers but also affected the brand value of most anticipated titles last year. But it looks companies are taking major steps is not pushing players towards the pay-to-win model.

Among a few rumors was on upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War title which was said to have micro-transactions in the game. Clearing that out Creative director at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio, Cory Barlog replied on a tweet that there won’t be possibilities of having any pay thing in this game. Below is the full tweet.

Upon asking by a Twitter user Vitaly Kigurtcev – “Will there be micro transactions in the game? Outfitters for real money?” Cory replied “No freakin way!!!”. This a positive sign that this highly anticipated game fun won’t be destroyed by the payment module.

According to our recent covered news Video Game Companies Might Be Cutting Down On Microtransactions in 2018. So we can expect to see more games and less controversy. On the other side, 69% of Gamers Consider Cosmetic Microtransactions Acceptable, but in some specific titles only.

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