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God of War Will Not Have Graphic Downgrade, Principal Artist Says

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Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio shared a new trailer of God of War this week. Rafael Grasetti, the Principal Artist of the new title, took the opportunity to share some captures and talk about the subject of a supposed downgrade to the title.

According to the artist, this change in the graphics section of God of War is not real. Grasetti said that there were some modifications, but only in the effects of light and fog. He also added that, despite this, the characters and scenes remain the same since the title was presented.

A Twitter user questioned him with comparative images of the game. Grasetti replied the following: “What changed was just the direction of the light and fog, this piece of E3 is in the game but different, you will understand when to play. Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus remain exactly the same as the trailers, are comparing with other scenes and lights. I’m laughing, watching the comics :).”

Grassetti shared some captures that are part of the most recent trailer we saw. To accompany them he wrote a message of gratitude to the fans and also highlighted the work that Cory Barlog, the project director, did.

“A few realtime shots from the God of War Story trailer. It was really difficult to put it together at the same time of trying to finish the full 25+ hours game with this quality. Props to everyone that helped out during the making of it and for @ corybarlog for being a crazy genius!” said the artist.

God of War will debut on April 20 on PlayStation 4. The game will come in the western region with several special editions, as well as dubbing in various languages. Barlog confirmed that the title will not have Season Pass.