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God of War’s New Intense Difficulty Level Will Have A Separate Save File That Can’t Be Changed

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The announcement of an AAA game, which is known to have the potential to succeed in the market, raises some doubts about the difficulty because, in the end, one of the objectives is to reach the greatest number of players and sometimes this has led to casualize titles that were previously more complex. The next release of God of War has also generated that doubt but everything seems to indicate that there is nothing to worry about because SIE Santa Monica thought about all of the players.

According to a report from Glixel, God of War will have 4 levels of difficulty designed to meet the needs of each player. In that sense, the game has an intense level that will test the most experienced players and its difficulty is such that it requires an independent save game file that cannot be modified once the adventure begins.

In this regard, Cory Barlog, director of God of War, revealed that this mode is not an algorithmic modification of the difficulty: “We did a ton of stuff to make it a genuine challenge, not a cynical increase. Enemies are all changed up. We changed the attack patterns of things; it’s hugely different.”

On the other hand, the development team of God of War also thought of those who seek a lighter experience and not so challenging and that, at any given time, want to enjoy the environment and not lose details of the story. For them, the Story Mode was developed, which will not put Kratos and Atreus at risk.

God of War will arrive on April 20 on PS4.