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God of War Will Have An Immersion Mode, 4 Difficulty Levels Revealed

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As the launch date of God of War approaches, the official information flows with greater intensity and makes us count the days so that the time comes to live the new adventure of Kratos. A few days ago we inform you that the new installment of the series will have various game modes, all designed to satisfy the particular taste of users and today details about the Immersion Mode were revealed.

Jeet Shroff, the gameplay and artificial intelligence engineer at Sony Santa Monica, revealed to Polygon that God of War will offer an immersive experience for those who do not want to deal with a user interface or who do not want its presence on the screen.

According to the creative, the Immersion Mode is designed to satisfy players who want to enter the God of War environment; As you know, the game has a progression system and different weapons, equipment and items necessary to progress in the adventure and this will be managed through a user interface present, at the beginning, on the screen.

However, the Immersion Mode will allow to modify the presence of the elements of the interface to the player’s taste, so that it is not radical options that it is or is not, because according to Shroff, we can remove it completely from the screen, let only the elements that we consider necessary or make it appear and disappear with a touch to the touchpad of DualShock 4. In case we choose to remove the interface, we will have to pay special attention to what we see and hear in the scenarios to respond appropriately, which will make us enjoy a more immersive experience.

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On the other hand, Shroff revealed the name and characteristics of the 4 levels of difficulty that await us in God of War and that are adapted to the expectation of each player. In the beginning, we have the easy level, “Give Me A Story”, which will give a wide margin of error to the player so that its mistakes do not have strong consequences.
Then there is the normal level, “Give Me A Balanced Experience”, which is the experience recommended by the development team. Then is the first difficulty level, “Give Me A Challenge”, designed for experts in action games and veterans of the series. Finally, the maximum challenge will be in “Give Me God of War”, where it will not be possible to modify the difficulty and both enemies and obstacles receive important modifications to take the player to get their best moves and tolerance to frustration.

God of War will arrive on April 20 on PS4.

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