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God of War Includes An Easter Egg From Avengers: Infinity War

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God of War debuted a week before the film event of this decade: Avengers: Infinity War. Although they are different entertainment products, the Santa Monica team managed to place an Easter egg related to Marvel and the movie that is breaking all records at the box office.

Before continuing, we must tell you that this information could be considered as a spoiler of Avengers: Infinity War and God of War, so we recommend you go away if you have not been able to try the game or watch the movie. We’ve warned you, so this is your last warning … Spoilers ahead!

In short, Kratos of God of War not only has an ax similar to Thor’s hammer, it also has its own version of the Infinity Gauntlet, the one that Thanos uses to concentrate the power of all the Infinity Gems and snap his fingers to eliminate half of the universe, as in 1991’s The Infinity Gauntlet comic.

During their adventure, players discovered that one of God of War’s epic talismans, the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, can be equipped with pieces that are equivalent to Infinity Gems. The description of this article is as follows: “An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms.”

Also, within God of War there are 6 enchantments that Kratos can equip in the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, comparable with the 6 Infinity Gems. The list is the following:

Andvari’s Soul (Soul Stone)
Njord’s Temporal Stone (Time Stone)
Eye of the Outer Realm (Space Stone)
Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind (Mind Stone)
Asgard’s Shard of Existence (Reality Stone)
Muspelheim Eye of Power (Power Stone)

However, Kratos cannot use the 6 Infinity Gems as Thanos. Once you fully upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, you can only equip a maximum of 3 stones. Once you get it, you’ll get a space power that lets you fire a beam of violet energy … like Thanos.

To get this power, you will need to play for a long time, but it will be worth it since the gauntlet does a lot of damage. Undoubtedly an incredible nod to Marvel at the right time, as God of War and Avengers: Infinity War debuted a week apart.