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God of War Director Says “You’ll pay $60 and You’ll Get Everything I Can Possibly Give”

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In a recent post published on the pages of the PlayStation Blog, Cory Barlog, the director of the game, reiterated how the God of War that will arrive in stores will be an “absolutely whole experience” and that no additional content of any kind should be foreseen.

In that sense, Barlog stated the following: “I have always had this overdelivery complex. I keep obsessively adding things, making the game bigger and better, because I can’t leave anything on the table. I want to give the whole experience. You’ll pay $60? You’ll get everything I can possibly give.

Already in the past, the director of the game had reiterated that there are no DLC or expansions for God of War, the game will therefore not have Season Pass of any kind and will not include microtransactions, all that Barlog has managed to create will be present since the launch and accessible to everyone.

The only “extra” concerns the photo mode, not yet present, but that should arrive as a free update in the coming weeks, although Cory has not yet confirmed anything about it, but is interested to insert the Photo Mode in God of War.

God of War for PlayStation 4 will be available from April 20 on PS4 and PS4 Pro, did you know that this is the best-received series game on Metacritic, having passed the positive votes of the first chapter?

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