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God of War Director Absolutely Loves His Nintendo Switch Lite

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch Lite, a console focused on offering the impressive Switch catalog on exclusively portable gameplay, has finally reached the market and many fans have not wasted time putting their hands on it.

One of the lucky ones has been the director of the popular God of War series, who received the yellow Nintendo Switch Lite as a birthday present and premiered playing Ni No Kuni.

The creative states that he is delighted with the portable design, noting that the size is “fantastic” and both the buttons and the Dpad feel great. Now he has his eyes on The Witcher III for Nintendo Switch.

“I got the yellow Switch Lite from @AnnaBarlog and Helo for my birthday. Played a few hours of Nino Kuni and I must say I absolutely LOVE this handheld. The smaller size is fantastic. The buttons + new Dpad feel great too! So excited for the Witcher III to come out now,” Cory Barlog said on from his official Twitter account.

You can see his tweet celebrating his new console below:

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