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God of War Creator Criticizes Death Stranding Marketing, Calls It “A weird f*****g Game”

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David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, is feeling completely lost about what is Sony’s goal with the marketing of Death Stranding. The marketing campaign is weird from the start, which may correspond to the unusual nature of the game. However, its release takes place in November, and having the opportunity to offer some more details on Gamescom, Hideo Kojima led a gameplay where the protagonist Sam Bridges basically walks around, urinates, and so on…

In a video posted on YouTube, Jaffe tries to understand what is going on. He explains that when a creator releases a game, he eventually sits down with Sony’s marketing team and elaborates on the game’s entire marketing strategy. Every detail is planned very meticulously.

“When I look at what’s happening with Death Stranding — and I get more and more interested with every new thing they release from Death Stranding, so maybe that’s good — but I know that the general consensus from this trailer (the new Gamescom trailer at the top of the article) that they put out for Death Stranding, even though I really liked it, a lot of people did not like this trailer.”

At this point in the video, Jaffe speculates that two things may be happening. The first theory is that when Sony struck a deal with Kojima, they agreed to hand over the game’s marketing approach to the creator of Metal Gear Solid.

“Maybe Kojima has just drank a little bit too much of his own kool-aid, and thinks that’s the kinda of cryptic, weird s**t that his hardcore fans love, which I know I consider myself one of them. Maybe he’s like ‘that’s what they love!’ It’s like, well that’s what a lot of us love, but you gotta sell this to a lot more people.”

Jaffe’s second possibility is that Sony is aware of the complicated nature of Death Stranding, and already knows it won’t be a sales record. In this scenario, Jaffe suggests that Sony knows that the game is more esoteric than flashy, and while it may be a Game of the Year experience, it is not a game that lends itself to easy marketing material.

“The worst case is marketing is sitting back and going ‘guys, what the f**k do we do with this f*****g thing.’ 90 percent of this game is what you’re seeing on the screen right now (exploring),” added Jaffe. “I don’t think that’s the case, Kojima is not a f*****g moron.”

But finally, Jaffe notes that it’s cool that we’re in an industry that still has that kind of experience, and he thinks it’s amazing that Sony is playing such a strange and commercially risky game.

“I don’t know, I look at this and this thing could be Game of the Year, but it’s going to need word-of-mouth to save it, because it’s f*****g weird man,” adds Jaffe. “I love it, I’m excited….. but if you tell me, ‘Hey Jaffe, you can play this tonight (Gears 5) or you could play this tonight (Death Stranding),’ well, I don’t know depends on the mood I’m in. I want to play both of these, but this right here (Gears 5 trailer playing) has Walmart, Target mainstream success written all over it. This (Gears 5) is accessible, it’s fun, it looks cool, this (Death Stranding) is hanging out in your dorm room after smo*ing some mar*juana and sitting there discussing the universe with your buddies. This is a weird f*****g game.”

Death Stranding will release on November 8 exclusively for PS4.