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God of War: Atreus Will Be A Vital Character in the Narrative

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One of the most striking changes of God of War is the incorporation of Atreus to the combats. Of course, the son of Kratos will also have a relevant role in the narrative of the game. For this reason, Cory Barlog, the creative director of the title, presented a new development focused on the boy.

God of War will show Kratos a new facet of his life. So Barlog and his team had to find a reason why the bloodthirsty character will change his attitude in this new installment. “It’s hard to believe somebody who’s a bad guy suddenly wants to change. You need a reason,” the creative commented on the change in Kratos.

For Barlog, that reason at the end was the family, so Atreus will make Kratos a more understanding and nuanced character. Hence, it is also that the title will offer a more emotional and dramatic narrative.

“Atreus is the mirror that shines on Kratos that makes him realize that he needs to change…. Atreus will pull the humanity out. Kratos will be shown his own humanity, and he’ll figure out how to embrace it,” Barlog added.
Barlog insists that Atreus will not be a burden at the level of gameplay. The son of Kratos will be a benefit for the players because they will never have to take care of him. Instead, the boy will offer his help at critical moments. The creative said that for many, Atreus will be his new favorite character of the franchise.

For his part, Jeet Shroff, in charge of the gameplay of the title, said that creating Atreus was not an easy task, especially when dealing with a large-scale title. The creative revealed that Elizabeth of Bioshock Infinite and Ellie of The Last of Us served as an inspiration.

God of War is ready to debut since it has already reached its Gold stage. SIE Santa Monica also spoke recently about the changes to this release, so he explained why the title will feature RPG elements.

God of War will arrive on April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4. The title will debut with a special bundle of PlayStation 4 Pro. Check the game’s new trailer below, which includes some gameplay sequences:

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