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God of War 4 takes place in Norse mythology, Concept Arts leaked

The Nerdleaks website has released what are supposed to be the concept arts of a new “God of War” series, which will lead the protagonist Kratos to the world of Norse mythology.

It all started a few hours ago when an insider known on Twitter as shinobi602 posted a message suggesting that the next God of War would be related to Valhalla, the magnificent room in the realm of Odin. NerdLeaks was given the task of investigating this rumor and allegedly found the images that are lower on the site of an artist who recently worked with game developers, Santa Monica Studio.

The images show a bearded Kratos and carrying an ax, which according to the website information will be used to “cut vines and build bridges/walkways.” In this new adventure, Kratos can explore atleast one of the Nine Worlds of Norse gods: Alfheim, known as Fairyland and home of the Light Elves. In fact, the low quality of some images is not something we can expect as a splendid work of Santa Monica; however, it could be a catch of an early development of the game.

It is possible that the game will be officially unveiled during E3 2016 and Nerdleaks also indicating what will be the name of its trailer: “Gorgon & Hydra.” For now, Sony has not commented officially on the alleged conceptual arts.

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