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God Eater Resurrection Demo will be available for PS Vita and PS4 in Japan early October

God Eater Resurrection Demo is announced and will becoming up in the month of October first in Japan. This demo will be released for two platforms. They are PS Vita and PS4. The game has a trailed released that you can check out at the end of this article. The trailer offers a pretty impressive glimpse of the gameplay content. It is a kind of futuristic fantasy game. There are lot of different creatures that players have to deal with. This also need upgrades in weapon and skills at regular time interval. The release date can be around October 29.

The game will be released in Japan and there is no news about other region. The game is a remake of God Eater Burst which was first released on PSP. There are lot of enhancement with new powers and weapons. God Eater Burst was first released in 2010. And now we have this new version of the same with some additional and enhancement. The game offer a new Predator Style Combat system. Where you can simply fight with the enemy even when you are in air. Certain characters are recreated with better look. Swords are taken from God Eater Burst.

God Eater Resurrection Demo

They are re-used in this game. The Sword can also be used as Gun for shooting. This is called as the Transformation Attack. There we will be certain blades who will come with extra features. A few glimpse of the same in provided in the demo below. The game look pretty impressive, it would be great if the developer can provide information on the same for different region release.

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