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Go Pro in Fortnite: Most Effective Tips and Tricks

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Check and get the best tips, tricks, and guides to several well-known video games. Coming to Fortnite, the game is highly competitive, and the objective is to win the almighty Victory Royale! With time passing, the game has been receiving more and more players, making the competition tough. Have a look at the tips to Go Pro in Fortnite.

However, you don’t have only to imagine your victory because you have it in reality. Entering the game with some heavenly tips and tricks can change your gameplay and get you victory.

Let’s get started-

Don’t Forget to Warm-Up

Even pro players are not an exception because they too warm up instead of going straight away to fight. Fortnite is crowded enough that you want to be able to live more than a few minutes if you don’t have the be strategies in hand. To dominate the game, you must perform some warm-up before getting to the real game.

There are many maps out there created by players. These custom-made maps let you have a trial before actually getting in the field.

The Right Way and Location to Drop

Dropping at just any random place and in the wrong way can be the biggest mistake you are making. Being new to the game, you should understand that every location differs, and every location has a different amount of competition and resources.

Retail Row and Lazy Lake are some of the most crowded areas in Fortnite. These areas also contain the most loots where you can engage with a lot of players in combat. However, you should be the first one to drop at the location to get the maximum loot.

The trick is to deploy the glider when it is about 400-500 meters away from the field. Also, drop facing the direction of the area as it would increase your speed, and you would drop within the range. You can consider areas like Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake, and Sweaty Sands; Misty Meadows and Pleasant Park are also the options.

Pack Up with Consumables

Ignoring the consumables or not knowing them at all is the biggest mistake players can make. Other than looting the best guns, grenades, and other explosive things, you should not forget the consumables. These can be shield potions, slurp juice, bandages, and a medkit that you should collect. These items come as the ultimate help when you have received damaged and want to revive yourself.

Enjoy those slurp juices and improve your health to survive for a longer time. Bandage or medikit always comes to help when you lose a lot of hp in a firefight, and you have no other teammates to revive.

Know Your Best Weapons

Fortnite is full of loots that give you everything from consumables to weapons and everything needed. The Burst Assault Rifle can be one of the best weapons for defeating your enemies quickly and almost efficiently. Scar and SMGs are other great automatic weapons; however, you need a decent amount of practice to master these weapons.

Fighting Off Spawn

You may land at a POI with other enemy players. In this situation, you most probably want to go and finish them all. However, you should resist this urge of killing and instead be patient. Let things settle down and protect yourself till then.

Grab the loot as much as you can but without being harmed or attacking anyone unless you see the enemy right in your face. Be patient and wait for the right time so you can have your weapons to kill them. Getting into fights too early has a chance of getting eliminated.

Build and Shield Yourself

The building is important in Fortnite, and even the simplest structures can help you many times. However, you should know what you are building and how it will save you from which angles.

A hut, for example, can be the simplest creation, but it can protect you well to heal after a fight. To make this, you need to place four walls, a roof, and a ceiling. This will work as a shield when you are out there trying to catch your breath.

Also, don’t forget to try different game modes and play as per their objective.