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Ghost of Tsushima: Sucker Punch Talks About Setting, Will Tell A Universal Story

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During an interview with VentureBeat, the boss of Sucker Punch Chris Zimmerman got to talk about the setting of Ghost of Tsushima, the research done to ensure the historical loyalty and the kind of story the team wants to tell.

In the past few days, Zimmerman himself specified that the events will not be historically accurate at 100%. The setting of Japan of the 13th century, however, will be recreated to perfection. The team counts among its native Japanese developers and is actively collaborating with a team established in Japan to make sure everything is reproduced in a workmanlike manner

In that sense, Zimmerman stated the following: “This is important to many people at Sony, that we get this right. We have a lot of support both from people in Japan and native Japanese people working in the states. We’re a multicultural studio as well, so that always helps. We’ve worked hard to make sure we’re bringing in appropriate people to help. Whether that’s talking about syncretism in Japanese religious life, or getting the details of a conversation right, or making sure the swords are accurate, it’s been great to assemble the team we have.”

Despite the very specific setting, the story developed by Sucker Punch will be universal and enjoyable by people of all cultures: “We’re going to tell a story that we hope is universal, that everyone can relate to, that’s our take on this time and place.”

What do you think of his words? Recall that Ghost of Tsushima is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, an exact release date is not yet given out.