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Get Quiet Back After Mission 43 in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Quiet is a prominent character in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But after you are done playing Mission 43 the character role is end. It is one of the most powerful buddies you have in the game. But there is a way through which you can get her back in the action. It is not bringing her back, but preventing her from leaving the game. So that is a possibility. But do backup your save game files before doing any changes.

First there are two simple ways first that might work without any major modification. And this stops Quiet from leaving:-

  • You can work on the bond level. Try to keep this lower. If your bond level is low then Quiet will not leave.
  • Adding Butterfly design on emblem before playing Mission 41 will also help. But for this you will need Butterfly Emblem. And to get that you have to finish 3 mission in a row and then you will be awarded with codename Butterfly.

Bringing Quiet through Mod:-

The next way to bring Quiet back is using a Mod tool. The tool that we will use is MGSV QAR Tool, you can search and download it from google. Before doing any changes you will have to backup data1.dat file. And then follow the below steps. Download the tool first.

  1. Go in Steam\SteamApps\common\MGS_TPP\master. Create a folder QAR Tool in the same.
  2. Now extract the content of downloaded mod in the folder.
  3. Then you have to run a command in cmd for changes. For that hold Shift button and then right click inside QAR Tool folder. In that you have to type exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MGS_TPP\master\data1.dat” –r and hit enter.
  4. After that you have to use notepad to open file TppStory.lua that is located in data1\Assets\tpp\script\lib. And find function e.CanArrivalQuietInMB(n). Type the below after that and save the file. Run the cmd in 3rd point once again.

gvars.str_didLostQuiet=false TppBuddy2BlockController.SetObtainedBuddyType(BuddyType.QUIET) TppBuddyService.UnsetDeadBuddyType(BuddyType.QUIET) TppBuddyService.UnsetBuddyCommonFlag(BuddyCommonFlag.BUDDY_QUIET_LOST) TppBuddyService.UnsetBuddyCommonFlag(BuddyCommonFlag.BUDDY_QUIET_HOSPITALIZE) TppBuddyService.SetSortieBuddyType(BuddyType.QUIET) TppBuddyService.SetFriendlyPoint(BuddyFriendlyType