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Rumor: George RR Martin Working on A New Game of From Software

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According to a rumor circulated by Liam Robertson (a highly rated insider and journalist), From Software is not sitting idle after Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and is already working on a new high profile game.

Apparently, the game in question would have nothing to do with the Souls genre and it wouldn’t even be the much-rumored new episode of Armored Core: From Software seems to be working on an Open World production published by Bandai Namco, which sees the collaboration of George RR Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire series.

At the moment these are just rumors but Robertson says he is sure of his sources, who speak of “an Open World game with the possibility of exploring various kingdoms,” with a protagonist destined to grow and acquire new skills by putting the sovereigns out of play of the various lands.

It would be a fully open world game, which will allow you to explore different realms rather free. There will be the possibility of enhancing the protagonist by gaining new skills also by defeating the rulers of the various kingdoms to be explored. The game could be announced at E3 2019 but it is not clear if the launch is scheduled for this year or 2020, even the target platforms are not currently known.

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