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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions download available now on Android and Amazon Appstore

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a mind challenging and quite popular game that was released on PC long time ago. Now this game finally landed on Android on Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is loaded with nice graphics and also has many challenging levels. This game finally comes on Android. It took really long time for the game to come on a portable platform. It was released on November 25, 2014 by Lucid Games. It almost covers all platforms like consoles, PC and even portable platform like Tablet and Smartphone.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Pics
Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Pics

The game is based on dynamic grids where you can play upto 100 levels. It requires a very quick thinking in order to survive in it. The game also has a hardcore mode where it would be tougher to play. There is also online and local co-op mode where different players can sit together and compete with each other. It is a vast game. For the portable version the game still rocks with great graphics and features. Amazing music is also one of the major components of this game that will really keep the users engaged all the time. The game works very well on PC and consoles as we have more control on that. On Tablets you might have to take sometime to get adjusted with the revolving platform. This is one of the most unique three dimensional games where you will be dealing with drones, robots, etc. The game is simply based on shooting game plot.