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Genshin Impact Will Release on PS4 in 2020

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Unveiled last June on PC and mobile, the action-RPG in the open world, Genshin Impact, has been officially announced on PlayStation 4 as part of the PlayStation conference held in ChinaJoy 2019. And if the announcement took place far from home and its latest trailer is still talking Chinese, the game of miHoYo will be well launched around the world in 2020.

Playable solo or with friends, Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which miHoYo is already exploring as a manga. In a perfect respect of the cliches, the player will begin his journey in the skin of the Traveler, who will wake up along an unknown shore after a long sleep without knowing how to contact his relatives. Discovering the world around him will add his own quest for landmarks. Composed of seven city-states, the world will be fully open with a fast travel system to walk between camps, dungeons and other points of interest. The first trailer of the game gave a glimpse of a strong inspiration of Breath of the Wild in the exploration of the world, an influence that is less obvious when it comes time to go to the battle as the intentions in terms of intensity and entertainment are not really the same.

In terms of gameplay and as MiHoYo’s director of communication, Sam Lai, writes on the PlayStation Blog, Genshin Impact will offer a system of interaction between seven natural elements (here named Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Anemo, Dendro, etc) that should serve both in combat and in solving puzzles. To vary the team compositions, which will accommodate 4 members at the same time, Genshin Impact already boasts the presence of thirty characters playable to recruit, with personalities, fighting styles and basic skills of their own.

Already passed by the closed beta on PC and iOS, Genshin Impact will be playable in its PS4 version on the PlayStation stand of ChinaJoy 2019, which takes place from August 2 to 5 in Shanghai. This is the first partnership between miHoYo, known for the mobile game of Honkai Impact 3rd, and a console builder. Exclusive content will be offered on the platform of Sony Interactive Entertainment. A Twitter account is also available to stay as close to the news of the game.