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Gears of War would not have included Multiplayer

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Even if you surely love the multiplayer series of Gears of War, you should know that this mode would not have been part of the first game, as today confirmed by Cliff Bleszinski, creator of the franchise.

Gears of War 4 Screenshot

During an interview with IGN, Cliffy Bleszinski explained that the multiplayer of Gears of War was something that was added during the development, and it was not part of the initial plan. “It was just like we always say even with the current game [LawBreakers] we’re building,” Bleszinski said. “We’re bulding a freeway while the car’s going 9000 miles an hour on fire,'” Bleszinski said. “We were under intense pressure from Microsoft to get this game out for holiday, doing the E3 demos and all that, and they didn’t really think the cover-based gameplay would be any fun.”

In addition, Bleszinski explained that, initially, they built a lot of maps that “felt like Counter-Strike” and that the studio sought to make a system which will buy your weapons between rounds.

However, the producer Rod Fergusson, who is now the head of Gears of War 4, suggested that due to balance problems and the work of a new user interface, it was better to place powerful weapons around the map, which could encourage players to get out of their covers to scroll the map.

In the same interview, Bleszinski said his favorite game series is Gears of War 3, because they managed to improve the experience of the franchise with the latter title.

Now, the series is held by Microsoft and The Coalition, and the next game will be Gears of War 4, which will debut on October 11 this year.