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Gears of War 4 Title Update Fixes Hitching/Lagging Issues on Xbox One

The Coalition has released an update for Gears of War 4 which aims to solve connection problems that the game suffers in Xbox One. According to a recent publication posts, the patch should eliminate the lagging/hitching issues that some players have experienced at the onset of items in line.

The download weighs approximately 218 MB and is available for Xbox One because, apparently, users of Windows 10 have not encountered this problem. On the other hand, community members reported on forums and social networks that there are still setbacks with the matchmaking system.

In this regard, the studio reported that it has already given maintenance of the game servers on a couple of occasions but is still working on improving the technical section. The last maintenance was carried out on October 11, precisely in order to repair the matchmaking, but also made it easier to obtain credit.

On the other hand, the game continues to create problems for owners of Windows 10 also. According to a report, many players would be experiencing unexpected crashes and a total block to the home screen.

It is not clear depending on what these problems are, since the users themselves claim to be able to play without problems within hours of the launch. Launching the update process, the game often shows the error message 0x80073cf9, thus preventing the update of the game. It is possible that in the coming hours we will get a corrective patch to fix all these issues.

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