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Gears of War 4 New Details on Weapons, Gameplay and Beta Revealed

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In a live stream, new scenes of Gears of War 4 were shown. Some resourceful Reddit users have themselves looked at some videos and images and found new info about gameplay and weapons. Moreover they have few details about the upcoming beta phase that is going to be revealed and we will not hide it from you.

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta

Still, it is going to take a while, until Gears of War 4 appears finally. However, there was recently a live stream of Gears of War 4, which brought some new details to light. The Reddit users Abbi3_Doobi3 has summarized all these details in his post. This results in a lot of information about the upcoming beta, the weapons in the game and some gameplay elements, check the whole details below:

1. Wall Cancel cooldown confirmed. Cooldown is currently 1~2s. Beta will allow them to refine the exact cooldown time.
2. Active Reload cooldown confirmed. Cooldown is 3~6s depending on the weapon. Entire clip becomes Active, not just the reloaded bullets.
3. Hammerburst is going back to 6-round burst. Medium range weapon.
4. Pistol can be swapped to very quickly now. Snub specifically has reduced range over previous games (reduce snub snipes). Boltok looked like it had an increased rate of fire, and is about as accurate as previous games.
5. Retro Lancer IS returning. Will NOT be in the beta. Weapon retuned for “dedicated” damage support, a little close to Lancer.
6. Sawed Off GONE. Will not return (or so they say now )
7. Execution will not be in the Beta, but will be in final release.
8. Gnasher will be slightly weaker than 3/UE, but primarily for the sake of improved hit registration (and accounting for lag).
9. Longshot has reduced bloom while moving (vs all previous games). Closer to Gears 1 in power, much less bloom and ‘shaky-ness’ when compared to any gears game.
10. Gridlock will be one of the 10 stock (free/shipping) maps.
11. Smoke Stun is returning, but will be very short. Kept in primarily to prevent overly-defensive gameplay. Will be adjusted after feedback from beta.
12. Grenade tags / wall tags returning. Primarily to assist defensive gameplay. Will be adjusted after feedback from beta.
13. Skill medals: Skill system will assign one of those medals to a player, and matchmaking will attempt to only match people with the same medal.

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Recall that those who have played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will get access to Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta which will begin today Monday, April 18 on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, other players can get their hands on the beta starting April 25.