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Gearbox Boss Wants The Rock To Play As Claptrap in the Borderlands Movie

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Although you may have forgotten it, a Borderlands movie has been in development for years. That said, it’s a situation that has not stopped some people from talking about some of the actors they would like to see in the production. For example, the director of Borderlands 3 would like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a renowned actor and professional wrestler, to have him appear in the movie with an unexpected role.

In a talk with VG24/7, Paul Sage, creative director of Borderlands 3, talked a bit about the production of the Borderlands movie. First, Sage was excited about the Borderlands movie and then talked about who could play Claptrap. At the beginning, he mentioned that anyone could do it, but later acknowledged that his dream is for The Rock to do it.

“Who could play Claptrap? Our audio guys would tell you, ‘Hey, we can make anybody Claptrap! I think The Rock. Yeah, The Rock has to play Claptrap,” were the words of Sage.

Interestingly, Sage is not the only member of the Borderlands development team who would like to see The Rock in the movie of this shooter. What we mean is that Scott Kester, art director, thinks the same: “Do you mean as a voice or dressed up? Because if he was dressed up, I agree with him completely. I’m gonna go with Bill Murray. Yeah! That’s who I want to play Claptrap. Maybe he’d finally get an Oscar,” he concluded.

Borderlands 3 will release on September 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And what about you, would you like to see The Rock as Claptrap? Who else do you imagine to be in the Borderlands movie? Tell us in the comments below.