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Gearbox denies rumors about a free-to-play version of Battleborn

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Battleborn will have some kind of free trial, but Gearbox denies the rumors of last few hours that claimed it would become a free-to-play game.


Kotaku says that this online action game would be adapted to a free model in mid-November. The decision would have been taken earlier, but was delayed several times. In fact, they say that the intention was to launch the Gearbox game free to play from the beginning, but 2K preferred to bet on the full price.

Sales did not work well in part because of the proximity of its launch with Overwatch, a very similar Blizzard game that has become a success.

Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox, is no stranger to this information and said that “there are no plans to convert Battleborn free to play.”

“We have some unannounced plans to do a trial version of the game that would be free and from which retail can be purchased along with DLC.”

Kotaku speculates that it could be a mere matter of semantics, because according to its sources the title will include free multiplayer, and that the stories of missions will be paid ones. The available characters would be rotating like League of Legends style.

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