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GDC Survey Shows More Devs Interested In Nintendo Switch, Including Loot Boxes

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Although there is still time for the Game Developers Conference 2018 (GDC 2018), which will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, from March 19 to 23, the organizers of the event are already preparing the ground and today they announced the results of the survey carried out by developers to analyze the current state of the sector.

The organizers of GDC 2018 made public the results of the survey made to developers and the results reflect that interest in the new Nintendo console, Switch, increased significantly.

Initially the survey showed that the number of developers working on Switch increased compared to last year, because in 2017 – before the launch of the console – 3% of respondents are working on it and 5% planned to publish their games on the hybrid system, but in 2018 12% of the respondents are working on the console and 15% have planned to launch their games on it. In terms of the preference of the developers, Switch placed in the third place with 36%, below PC with 59% and PS4 with 39%.

In terms of sales, the GDC 2018 survey showed that 28% of third-party developers indicated that their games sold better on Switch; 23% said that their sales were average and 16% reported that they were below the expectation.

Finally, other highlights of the GDC 2018 survey were virtual and augmented reality, where there was a decrease in the interest of developers over last year and the controversial loot boxes, where 11% of developers said they will integrate that monetization model in their games.

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