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Gaming Trends to Get you Excited for the Future

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2020 is set to be a bumper year for gaming as it is going to be the year the new Xbox and Playstation are released. New consoles aren’t the only exciting thing happening, and this post will explore the advancements set to hit the gaming industry. 

As already mentioned, one of the most exciting things is the release of the new Xbox and Playstation. It has been a few years now since the Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 were released, and 2020 is the year the console raw reignites. 

Considering these new consoles are going to be the most powerful yet, and rival some top of the line gaming PC’s in some aspects, as well as allowing for vaster, more immersive and detailed games, it is easy to assume that the console market will spike with new customers. 

The technology being introduced in these consoles will also allow game developers to expand what they have been doing, and give the user something completely new and unique, which just isn’t possible with current gen consoles. 

Online gambling is another field that is seeing a spike. Mainly due to the current pandemic and people not being allowed in casinos, more people are trying their luck on virtual slots or jumping into a game of blackjack. 

The online gambling world is also set for massive growth as more and more casinos and websites offer the facility, as well as the fact that there are real life payouts and prizes. Winning cash while sitting on your couch is appealing to anyone. 

Cloud based gaming is another field seeing rapid growth. The idea being that instead of purchasing games and hardware, you just have a control and play games from the internet. Not just basic games either, highly developed ones like you would see on Playstation or Xbox. 

The idea has been slow, and there have been some hiccups that have stalled its growth, but as time goes on and developers learn more about what they can do, this new area of gaming will quickly grow. 

Cloud gaming relies heavily on fast and reliable internet, and will only be able to grow with internet growth. The introduction of 5G technology however, will definitely lend a helping hand in getting cloud gaming off the ground. 

Mobile gaming has always been a field that grows alongside smartphone and smart device technology. It has been on the rise for a few years now, and it even has its own eSports leagues and teams that play professionally.

Once again, with device technology and capabilities advancing, as well as 5G which increases internet speed, mobile gaming is becoming a big player in the industry, and will very soon have a bigger piece of the gaming pie.


Another thing that many people are looking forward to are more inclusive games. As of now, most games require you to be able to see, hear, and use both hands. This is all very obvious, but there are many people who want to game, but might be deaf, might be blind or something similar. 

Usually, this would mean that they just can’t play, you can’t play Call of Duty of Fortnite if you can’t see what you are doing, but technology is helping these individuals be included in the gaming world.

Fortnite already has a simple feature to help hearing impaired players, a small wheel around your character that shows where sounds are and what they could be, footsteps, a loot chest or whatever. 

This incredibly simple tool has helped many hearing impaired players join in, and the technology is there to help many other people with disabilities to play. There are a number of disabled players who use a control that they control with their mouth, teeth and tongue. This type of technology is available, and as the months go on, it will get to the point where being deaf, or being blind, or being an amputee won’t stop you from being able to play. 

Gameplay sharing such as Twitch and Mixer is also on the rise. More and more people are turning to streaming, or sharing their footage on social media. There are many tools available that make creating and editing videos simple, and to stream, all you need is a camera and computer.

This trend will continue to grow as more and more people are realising how simple it is to get your gameplay out there and be seen by hundreds, or even thousands of people. 

2020 is going to be a very exciting year for gaming still, and even though the current COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the release of new consoles and games, we are still moving forward. 

It is also very exciting to see what game developers will produce for the new consoles, considering the consoles are going to have power and capabilities that no one has seen before, and seeing what can be done with it is going to be nothing short of mindblowing. 

Either way, we just need to sit back and watch what the world of games and gaming tech has in store for us, but one thing is for sure, we are in for some crazy surprises.