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Top 5 Gaming Company Stocks to Consider Investing In!

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Investing your surplus cash into the right gaming Stocks is not an easy proposition. You need to spot trends, business activities, and keep your eyes on business news. However, when it comes to online gaming stocks, you have to consider that the major players in this industry are almost certainly set to continue to grow with higher speed fibre internet connections and mobile connectivity. 

One of the fastest growing online industries is Gaming where your money could improve significantly in a short space of time while there are also plenty of non-gambling companies out there with steady increases in value and a firm foothold within the online gaming industry.

Right now, gaming stocks are good bet to make and we re going to look at the top 5:

Electronic Arts: Floated on the NASDAQ, Electronic Arts is a brand that you could ask any gamer to recite at least 10 games from this gaming giant and most will not have a problem doing so. 

EA lays claim to the real world of sports with their FIFA and NFL games their pivotal driving forces. With online connectivity the days of going to your friend’s house to play a 2-player game is in the past because these games connect online with huge leagues and cash prize pools to boot.

This is a stock that should never let you down because the gaming market, for sports in particular, just continues to grow.

Evolution: Also floated on the NASDAQ this iGaming company reviewed on Playcasino is about to dominate the live dealer casino sector of the online gambling industry. It is a brand that is popular amongst casino players and online casino operators. 

Its games are available on cryptocurrency casinos as well as traditional casinos, and the firm is also pioneering the way for land-based casino tables to accept bets from online casino players.

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Land-based casinos in London, Malta, and Bucharest all currently operate roulette and baccarat tables inside their casino that accept online players. This trend is set to grow, plus the firm is also on the brink of taking over all NASAQ NetEnt shares and already own eZugi.

Furthermore, Evolution is now a firm fixture in the US market which as popularity and regulations continue to allow more online casino related activities operate in the country, Evolution will also grow with it.

To learn more about Evolution Gaming Casinos read here.

Playtech: This is another huge iGaming company, and its main rival is Evolution. However, Playtech is floated on the London Stock Exchange. The firm delivers online and land-based casino solutions to a global casino industry. Playtech stocks took a hit when the US market shut down online casino operation in an operation known as ‘Black Friday’. However, the firm recovered and is now a bustling stock. 

If you are looking for an online gaming company with resilience, then Playtech qualifies. And with the popularity of online iGaming growing, Playtech should only go in one direction and that is up. 

Its slot games are incredibly popular with its Age of the Gods progressive jackpot titles being some of the most popular online slots in the iGaming industry. Furthermore, the firm has deals with Hollywood and Marvel to produce slot titles based on movies. Gladiator, Superman, and Iron Man are all popular video slot games that came as a result Playtech’s partnership with the movie industry. 

Stars Group: The theme of Gaming stocks continues with the Stars Group. PokerStars was the original conception of this firm but back then it was purely an online poker channel and a privately-owned operation. It was then part of a billion takeover by Amaya Gaming which soon placed PokerStars as arm of the Stars Group and proceeded to add online casino games and sports betting to its list of gambling options. 

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You will find the Stars Group on the Toronto Stock exchange. Historical data shows volatility but as the firm is so big, and online iGaming is rising, the Stars Group and its economics of scale make it a stock well worth investing in for the long term.

Nintendo: Now there was a time that some investors would say that Nintendo was a regressing firm, but if you are truly open minded and a flexible investor, then hear this. With social issues becoming a hot topic most parents are turning their noses up at PCs and games consoles that give their children access to violent games. 

On top of this, older millennials who make up the majority of the world’s workforce grew up with Nintendo. The brand is already engrained in their past and the soft friendly family fun games produced by Nintendo means that it is the go-to console for those with families. 

It is this trend that is putting the Nintendo brand into the hearts and minds of the new generation and so as a long-term stock, Nintendo is likely to continue growing.

Other Gaming Stocks to Consider

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing gaming industries. You can consider buying stocks in IGT, SGMS, MGM, CZR, LEO.ST while sports betting companies such as Ladbrokes and William Hill are also worth considering but risky in some respects if you consider recent events that brought world sports to a halt. 

Outside of the iGaming industry other companies worth keeping tabs on or researching include Glu Mobile (GLUU), the rise of Amazon (AMZN), Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL), Microsoft (MSFT), and of course Sony (SNE). In the hardware tech side of gaming, we suggest looking into Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).