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GameStop’s Global Sales Increased To $1.99bn By The Success of Nintendo Switch

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The success story of Switch in its first year of life has also been the story of the romance it has with the stores of GameStop as there is no occasion in which the company does not fail to recognize the success of the Nintendo console and its performance in sales at its branches.

During the financial report of GameStop, the store highlighted the important role that Switch has played in boosting hardware sales globally.

As part of its financial report for the third quarter of the fiscal year, the store GameStop reported that its sales have been impacted by the success of Switch. In that sense, the item of hardware sales recorded an increase of 8.8% over the previous year thanks to the performance of the new Nintendo console, which translates into $309 million. On the other hand, sales of software in the branches of the store increased by 5.4% compared to 2016, generating $649 million for games sales.

In terms of global sales, GameStop reported that they increased 1.5% to $1.99 million, and the items that contribute the most to that amount are software sales, pre-sales, and hardware sales. In this way, the net profits of the third quarter for GameStop are for $55.1 million, surpassing what was recorded in the same period of 2016, where it obtained $50.8 million.

Finally, Dan DeMatteo, interim CEO of GameStop, said they expect big results for the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year, especially since the arrival of Xbox One X will add to the positive inertia of console sales.

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