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GameStop Lists 12 SKUs for Switch, Nintendo Direct in September Coming?

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While GameStop is not going through a good time, it can still be used as a reference in terms of sales of video games in physical format and a source of information thanks to its records that, from time to time, show some data that suggest that new titles are incoming. On this occasion, an alleged leak indicates that the store already has in its system spaces reserved for new Switch games that could arrive in this year.

The internal system of the famous store has in fact been updated with as many as twelve new SKUs (identification code of an item managed from stock) referring to Nintendo Switch, which can only be viewed by employees and therefore not accessible to ordinary consumers. All of those have a launch window that covers up to December 31 of this year, so if these records are real, these games would reach the hybrid console in the coming months.

Also, and since it has happened on other occasions, this type of leaks has been related to the presentations of Nintendo Direct, which has led some to think that a new Direct would be on the way.

Also, there is some expectation around what Nintendo can announce now that we are entering the most important sales time of the year, in addition to thinking that the company could boost the launch of the Switch Lite with the revelation of more games on the way for its family of Switch consoles, something that would not be unusual since Nintendo has chosen to make announcements suddenly to surprise fans and the industry.

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