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GameStop: Very High Sales for God of War, Low Pre-Orders for Nintendo Labo

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According to the insider Deader2818 on the ResetERA forum, GameStop USA would be very pleased with the new God of War, which would have recorded numbers above pre-order expectations and on launch day, however, he said that there were low pre-orders for Nintendo Labo.

No precise figures have been released on the subject but according to the insider, the new adventure of Kratos would have registered a +200% sales compared to the initial predictions of the store’s managers.  “GOW has destroyed whatever Gamestop was projecting. Reserves are 200%+ to its reserve goal,” he said.

It is impossible to quantify the numbers but GameStop is one of the major retailers in North America and therefore it is undoubtedly a positive factor for the new God of War.

Deader2818 then reports a rumor that Nintendo Labo sales seem to be below expectations, in his view Nintendo did not do a good marketing campaign and the start of the game on the market could be rather weak. “Nintendo Labo on the other hand is really trending blow exceptions and there just isn’t enough awareness of it,” Deader2818 said.

God of War debuted at the top of the UK Sales Charts recording the best launch of the year for a Sony game and becoming the title of the series sold more quickly than ever. At present, no figures of any kind have been disclosed, but analysts are optimistic about the sales of the first week.