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GameStop reports drop in sales of console by Scorpio, Neo announcements

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GameStop said in its earnings report that during the 2nd quarter that ended on July 30, video game sales were down. In this aspect, the company said that the sales of console decreased probably by the announcement of new systems.

Xbox-PS4 Controller

So GameStop attributed the drop in sales of hardware announcements at E3 2016. As you may recall, Microsoft revealed that they are working on Project Scorpio during its press conference while Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 4 NEO was real in the same week.

Another factor is the arrival of Xbox One S console that debuted in August and hit the hardware sales, because players probably preferred to wait for the debut of this system.

Thus, the decline in sales of new hardware was 33.4/%, while software sales declined 18.2% compared to the same period last year.

Sales of new software, combining the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, fell by 11.6%, but the acquisition of software used for the same consoles increased 32%. Meanwhile, sales of new and used software for Xbox 360 and PS3 fell 74% and 39% respectively.

Therefore, GameStop believes announcements of new consoles hit, at least in theory, hardware sales, because people will surely prefer to invest in more powerful systems that will come later.

So far, we know that Sony could announce the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation NEO on 7 September during an event held in the city of New York.