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GameStop’s Power Pass Available on November 19th, Allows Players to Rent Used Video Games for 6 Months

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Last March, Gamestop USA was about to launch a subscription service for the rental of used games and, according to a report on a few hours ago, the interesting initiative is ready for its debut.

It’s called the Power Pass and it’s in effect a subscription service that in the face of a $60 half-year fee allows users to rent used video games for six months. In addition to the end of the period, the user can keep the last rented game forever, in practice it will become his own property.

The advertising flyer posted on ResetEra pages also indicates that Power Pass’s debut is almost imminent, and the launch date for the service is set for November 19th.

At the moment we obviously do not know if the interesting service will also be available in the different Gamestop stores, however, it is not to be ruled out. The well-known chain store, as well as other gaming-based stores, focuses on part of its business on the sale of used titles, which has been hit since the emergence of some recent services, including Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

In addition, the growth of the digital market certainly does not help the various retailers, and in March, due to a fall in overall sales, Gamestop even announced the closure of 150 stores accordingly, the Power Pass could be a first step to running to shelter.

There is not much information given but we are still waiting for new information considering that Gamestop’s new service may be of interest to many gamers.