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GameStop Possibly Leaks New Splinter Cell Game

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Some time ago a piece of news was reported about the announcement, by mistake, of a new chapter of Splinter Cell, where the Ubisoft Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, had posted on his Twitter profile a message related to the work on the new game and its eager anticipation of E3 2019. Ubisoft obviously denied this, stating that it was only a joke.

These days, however, to leak new information on the alleged new chapter related to Splinter Cell is the GameStop site. In the price lists of the famous store, in fact, a reproduction of the character’s goggles was placed. The product contains an interesting description: “E3 Collectible”, or “Collectible E3”. The gadget could be pre-ordered for a price of 39.99 dollars, and the publication date reported November 1st, 2019.

To report the news was a user on Twitter named “Wario64”, a well-known insider and leaker. The user also explained that the object was immediately removed from the GameStop list, and now it is impossible to track it. Due to the popularity of the Splinter Cell franchise, Ubisoft is unlikely to leave it hanging, which is why one of its announcements could be very sensible these days. Obviously, none of this is confirmed and to get some answers we will have to wait a few more days until the start of E3 2019.

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Do you think that at E3 it will be possible to see a new announcement linked to Splinter Cell? Tell us in the comments below.