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Games with Gold: Microsoft announces free games of January 2016 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Microsoft recently revealed the games that will be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in January 2016. Four titles are in the program, both on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 and this all is going to start from January 1st.

After an offer of December not necessarily more attractive, Microsoft is preparing to update its program Games with Gold for the first month of the year 2016. The games available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in January 2016 are now known. Will they live up to our expectations?

Xbox Live Games with Gold
Xbox Live Games with Gold

On Xbox One, it will be possible to download Killer Instinct between 1 and 31 January. This is one of the season fighting game, including the dedicated roster, their bonus costumes and accessories packs. As a bonus, the first part of 1994 will be playable.

Zheros will be the second game offered on Xbox One and it will be available between 16 and 31 January 2016. It is a beat ’em all game on a science fiction background and offers a very cartoon modeling. The title is playable cooperatively.

On Xbox 360, DiRT Showdown will be the first to arrive between 1 and 15 January. Unlike other game in the series, this component has a very arcade-oriented grip, thus neglecting the details of steering to opt for an approach similar to a FlatOut or a Destruction Derby

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be the second Xbox 360 game available and can be downloaded between 16 and 31 January. This honorable continuation of the series initiated by Warren Spector in 2000 offers a mix of RPG and FPS gameplay.

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