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Here’s All Games Info That PlayStation Will Support With China Hero Project

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An event focused on games, known as ChinaJoy, was held in China. In it there were several companies, among which Sony stood out for showing more of the indie projects that it is supporting and that will come out on PlayStation 4. On this occasion, the Japanese company took the opportunity to reveal more gameplay of several titles that are part of the China Hero Project.

As we mentioned earlier, several titles will be included in the second wave of China Hero Project. In total there were 6 titles of this second round that were present in ChinaJoy: FIST, Evotinction, Convallaria, AI-Limit, In Nightmare and Anno Mutationem.

One of these games is Evotinction, a title developed by Spikewave Games that will show a story in which evolution has led the human to overcome some deadly diseases, but that is also leading them to an unexpected course. Evotinction will also have an infiltration game system thanks to which you can navigate in an installation taking advantage of your hacking skills, so it can be seen in the video.

One more is Convallaria, developed by Loong Force, which will be a multiplayer-focused game. In this installment, several people and you can fight against giant monsters with fundamental mechanics of a shooting game.

Anno Mutationem is a proposal developed by Thinkingstars with a more narrative story, because apparently in advance, it will be an RPG that will tell us the story of a girl in a futuristic world with a cyberpunk theme that apparently will be cyclical. The art style is to stand out, because you will explore environments that although some scenes are designed in 2D to have depth.

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As for the title of FIST, the TiGames Metroidvania title will feature a rabbit with wick armor and that will fight with fierce enemies thanks to a huge bionic arm that can also be transformed into a drill.

One more title of the China Hero Project will be In Nightmare, a title by which, its developer Magicfish Studio will provide a perspective that will invite players to philosophy and knowledge. In the new preview you will see how the main character is stalked by creepy creatures while avoiding various obstacles.

Finally, there was also a trailer of the Palm Pioneer and Sense Games AI Limit game, a game in which you must test your dodging skills, as it has a combat system that popularized Dark Souls and, therefore, it will call the attention of fans of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s works. This title will not lack customization.

Without further ado, we leave you with the trailer below.

Which game did you like the most? Will you give anyone a chance? What do you think about the PlayStation Hero China Project? Tell us in the comments below.

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