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69% of Gamers Consider Cosmetic Microtransactions Acceptable

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The question of microtransactions in video games is always very heated, especially now that the State of Hawaii is trying to find legal ground for this type of practice for minors.

According to reports, however, only 6% of players never spend on microtransaction, while 69% believe that microtransactions dedicated to cosmetic content are perfectly acceptable.

Many believe that only 2% of shoppers of a game spend money on additional content and that this small percentage is particularly concentrated in the mobile world. In truth, as noted by the analyst ZhugeEX on the ResetEra forum, this is not the case: on consoles and PCs these percentages are much higher.

Considering that the DLC attach rate is about 20% per game (this is an average taken from data provided by different publishers), while the number of players who make in-game purchases has increased by 50%. ZhugeEX cites the case of the last FIFA, where it seems that about 40% of users spend money on FUT.

According to a recent statistical studio, the average of buyers who make purchases at stake has increased to 6% (average value). 69% of respondents, however, find that cosmetic microtransactions are acceptable. 22% consider toxic pay-to-win microtransactions for games. In general, however, the declared fans of microtransactions are only 1.3%.