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GAME ADDICTION- Myth or Emotional Behavioral Disorder


Playing Video Games for long hours is an addictions or just a way to spend time? Today we have gadgets and high end PC, that let us play a variety of games and spend our time easily. Playing games is age old activity of our species. It is a way to entertain us. But as the population evolved, new innovations gave birth to gadgets or a platform where gaming is more engaging. There is a different perspective of a gaming behavior. Like Sports. More physical activity is involved in Sports. You have to think, react and be stronger always to win. It is continuous struggle that keeps our brain developing all the time. Next comes Digital gaming. A growing platform. Due to easy access of Gadgets and PC, kids are getting diverted towards digital gaming.

Research is done by institute and scientist to find, what digital gaming do to our brain. Recently published news in BBC shows More teenagers ‘addicted’ to computer games. Is it good or bad ? Is it something beneficial of growing kids or something that deprived them from social life? There was a huge discussion on Gaming and Violence. Later facts were not able to prove that playing violent game can put effect on a mood of a gamer. That is because our brain perceives it as a fake activity. A healthy brain will never relate video games with real life. It is just like you are dreaming and when you woke up you forget everything. But those who suffer from Behavioral issues like mood swing can have a little impact. Game addiction is not very lethal. But it does put tiny impact. Like restlessness. You will love to finish your game rather completing your work, studies, or moving out and socializing. There can be tiny mood swing. Like getting angry fast when you are unable to finish up a level.


All this things does not apply to our real life. Things are different. But it is very important that parents or even if you are grown adult must keep a bit restriction on this. Those who play games to earn like game testers, technical writers, have no issue with too much gaming. It’s their work. But those who prefer gaming as the only source to spend time can be a matter of concern. In certain studies it is found that playing games can help your brain to take a decision fast. It is a boon. That is a secondary part where things are controlled. Today Video game addiction is a condition. When your game playing habit starts interfering in your day to day work, then it is a condition. I will not say it is serious, still it something that is blocking you to avoid your work. It can be with kids as well as with adults. For senior citizen, veteran, and retire people, gaming is the best way to keep them engaged. But for those who work, and study must not give too much preference to gaming.

In May 2013, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) proposed criteria for video game addiction in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, concluding that there was insufficient evidence to include it as an official mental disorder. Source.

If gaming is not an addiction then just check the above source link. It is identified and in future there would be centers that let people to cope with a habit of excessive gaming. Officially not a mental disorder. That is good news for gamers. It is good to be a game addict if your brain is enough matures to understand the difference between real life and a virtual world. Kids who are playing game from very early age might have an issue with this. Always check the ESRB Ratings before buying a game. Games are consolidated on the basis of age. And playing a violent game would not be good for a small kid. Maintain a nice time gap when you are playing games for long time. You should enjoy games like you enjoy music. That’s the time when Gaming can be a stress booster. Playing multiplayer games with friends and families is more recommended than playing single player for long time.

Since the American Psychiatric Association decision in 2007, studies have been conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine related to video game play. Researchers found evidence that video games do have addictive characteristics.[ An MRI study found that the part of the brain that generates rewarding feelings is more activated in men than women during video game play. Source.

But there are some physical issues when it comes to game addiction. Gamers stick to a single place for very long time with their headphones on full volume. It is law of nature. Pushing your body too much for a single work can create some side effects. You can see some basic health factors that generate due to excessive gaming. Like too much exposure to bright light of gaming monitors can affect your eyes. It can trigger migraine. It also put impact on your neck as you are in a single posture for a very long time.

Game Addiction Side Effects
Game Addiction Side Effects


At some point anything that you do for long time becomes an addiction. Some are rewarding while some creates negative impact. Some games really help you to develop your thinking skills, to take decision, while some are not really good. Games are the best way to teach kids how to use a computer or a Smartphone. It generates confidence in them. They get the taste of loosing and wining. By keeping restriction it is a healthy habit.