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How Gambling Mechanics are Used Increasingly in Video Games

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The industry of video games is a relatively young but prosperous enterprise that made our childhood and youth more fun and entertaining. Today’s kids can’t understand the thrill of playing Tetris or some of the early point and click adventures that gave us countless hours of pure joy. Today’s gaming is a little more sophisticated, with smoother graphics and vast open-world gameplay in titles like Assasin’s Creed or Watch Dogs. If you are an old-timer, then you will always appreciate the long way this industry has gone through for us to enjoy better and more complex titles we see today. If you are a young gamer then you are facing some other challenges related to video games, like a debate of gambling mechanics being embedded into classic gameplay.


Gambling VS Gaming

For us old-timers, there is a pure distinction between these two categories, and going into a casino is definitely a different Online Cricket Betting ID kind of experience than playing a good video game. We used to think that these two worlds do not collide but somewhere along the way, those gaming executives decided that it was a good idea to mix things up a little bit. The craving for more profit apparently has no boundaries so introducing Gambling Mechanics elements was just a matter of time. This didn’t happen overnight and little attempts were made from time to time just to send waves through this industry and get some feedback from the customers. Tittles like Zynga poker or the Sims series were among those first titles that created an in-game economy that paved way for future innovations like purchasing loot boxes during gameplay.

For some layman, playing video games should be about exploring the world of imagination, role-playing, or solving puzzles. Gambling Mechanics is supposed to be about betting, taking the risk, and making some money. It seems that developers or industry leaders figured out that there is a big group of people that enjoy all these activities combined, so they decided to merge them. Some players seem to love this idea, but others are not so receptive about it and they are very vocal about that, which is pretty evident by the feedback made by the gaming community. It seems like this result was inevitable and a new niche of gamers who like to gamble was made from ashes as well as the strong community that opposes this trend.

Loot boxes and hidden gems

Introducing the loot box mechanics into this mix was the game-changer that got millions hooked on Star Wars: Battlefront and similar titles that embraced this novelty. Some compared this practice like making a deposit in an online casino but others like the entertainment software association defended this practice as fun and harmless. There is one big difference in spending $1 in a casinos thanks to reviews on $1 deposit casinos and simple role-playing but some people seem to like the idea. These mechanics rely on human curiosity and a prospect of winning some big and hidden rewards, which is quite similar to hitting jackpot when playing slots. Hidden items are just too irresistible for many players and that prospect of making tons of cash seems to be equally irresistible for the Electronic Arts executives.

hidden gems

The reasons why entertainment software association is defending this practice are ambiguous and some think that game developers are lobbying for their support, but others agree with them and see nothing harmful in this new trend. The fact that real money needs to be invested in a randomly generated loot box doesn’t seem to concern hard-core players who see this mechanism as a refreshing extension that brings more excitement into their gameplay. It remains a legal practice, although condemned by some who prefer clean gaming. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your preferences as a Cricket ID gamer or some gambling fan. 

If it makes money, it makes sense 

If you are a new breed of players you will enjoy these new innovative solutions that combine gambling features with classic video games, and for those who have been around since the Zynga poker, this is nothing new. Creating in-game economics is just one logical step for someone who exploring various ways to make money. If you approach a video game from every possible angle, this idea of an in-game economy will eventually pop-up in your head. It is like one game inside of another one, an independent world that takes off and evolves in unpredictable ways, which is one of the reasons why millions of people enjoy massive multiplayer titles. Creating a large community of people who populate this virtual world that consumes real time and money is truly fascinating in gambling mechanics.

This is a reason why this trend spreads like a virus and who are we to judge? If one wants to gamble while playing video games, I say go for it, but let others decide if that is what they need ]gambling mechanics. Make things optional is what we are saying. In any virtual world made of bytes and electronic impulses, things sometimes can get stale or boring so a little refreshment that brings a dose of adrenaline is welcomed. If it generates more cash, they will certify it and approve it, have no qualms about that. The real question is how much cash are you willing to invest in your entertainment?


Why would one have to pay for in-game content? Because it is fun and addicting according to the latest research. Make your opinion about this but we sure that lootboxing is not going anywhere. Maybe it is just the beginning of something completely new in the world of gaming.