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Galak-Z 2.4GB Patch download available now

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Galak-Z is getting a new patch that is out for PS4. The patch size is around 2.4GB that shows it might be having a lot of fixes and improvements for the game. It is officially announced on twitter. You can get the game from PS Store if you had not yet tested it and those who are having PS Plus membership will be getting 20% discount on the same. The patch is rolled out that shows it is a kind of critical and essential update for the game. The patch also includes lot of videos and new dialogues in the game. That is the reason the download size is huge. Compared to this upcoming future patches will be lot smaller in size.  Galak-Z is a kind of space shooter game. The gameplay is based on your reaction and maximum control. The game also features random level where you get an entirely different mission to play. With this there are also variety of enemies and loot to go for.

Galak-Z Screenshot
Galak-Z Screenshot

The game is having a bit different gameplay and can be good for those who are looking for a change. The game is also having a very fast changing environment where you will be instantly getting maximum kills. You will be playing the part of a lead game character A-Take who is on a mission to survive. He has to collect energy crystals, food, and also in the journey he encounters a lot of enemies. The game is quite large and has an impressive storyline.