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Gal Gun: Double Peace Demo download available on Japanese PSN

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Gal Gun: Double Peace is all set to come in the month of August 2015. There is a demo that will be coming on PSN in Japan only. The game demo offers a small part of the story mode and some progress. This will help the players to have a look on the game. Gal Gun: Double Peace is a shooting game that offers you an impressive storyline. The game is based on simple shooting mode where you have to hit fast and gain love. The game story is based on finding love at the end of the day.   It has a quite unique story based on finding Hodai Kudoki’s true love. There are more extra characters in this game. This new version is having nice graphics and it is more intensive shooter game. Girls who try to keep Hodai away from true love try ample of techniques to block him.

Gal Gun Double Peace Pics
Gal Gun Double Peace Pics

The girls are controlled by other and try to be more aggressive this time. They also show an extreme level of affection and creating menace for the character. The game was first released in the year 2011 on Xbox 360 and then it was also ported on PS3. The new version of the game has more new characters and an impressive storyline. The game will be also coming on PS4. Compared to PS Vita, it would be amazing to play on the bigger screen. Gal Gun: Double Peace launch date is set to August 6, 2015. Till the time you can check out the game demo and see what new stuff it brings. Watch the Gal Gun: Double Peace trailer below:

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